The food I simply love the most is toast, it’s toast, it’s toast, it’s toast! 😀  And this quick, yet healthy and delicious toast will also be your favorite! It’s suitable for the whole family and a PERFECT breakfast recipe! 

The making of this recipe is in 3 simple steps: PREP-MIX-TOAST. I must confess that PREP might be a little bit stressful. It consist of washing all your veggies (bell peppers, carrot, onion, spring onion)and chopping them into cubes. You can buy pre-cut veggies from malls but if like me, you prefer always making recipes from scratch, then be my guest and chop those veggies nicely! 

The second stage is mixing, which is just pouring all items except bread, cheese, and butter into a mixing bowl and whisk. Not hard right? 

And finally toast. Toasting could be done in a grill pan (my favorite) or in your regular pan. And let the aroma of this delicious toast fill your kitchen! 


  • Freeze your sliced breads at least an hour before starting. This will create a clean cut, and also keep it firm after cutting so it’s easier to lift. You can skip that if you’re in a hurry but it would be easier if you don’t skip it. Use a serrated or bread knife.

  • You can use sardine like I did or corn beef or minced sausages or minced beef or chicken. If using minced beef or chicken,marinate and saute in little oil so it’s properly cooked before using. Don’t use it raw to avoid food poisoning. 

  • You can use burger cheese slices or mozzarella cheese, or both. If using mozzarella cheese, chop it nicely. 

  • Feel free to use different colors of bell peppers, it add life to your toast! 

  • After washing and chopping your veggies, place them in a strainer to drain out water so your toast won’t be wet. 

  • If using carrots, slightly steam and drain them after chopping for a minute to make them slightly soft. Don’t over steam them. You want them still retaining their crunchy texture. 

  • You can add some chopped tomatoes that are not overipe. In my honest opinion, I wouldn’t ‘cos I don’t like the bland taste of tomatoes in my toast. 

  • Your liquid milk should be at room temperature. 

  • You can dice some plantain in cubes, slightly salt and fry, then add to the egg batter before whisking and pouring into your bread. This to me is taking the toast to another level! 😀

  • Add salt, black pepper, chili peppers to taste. Make it slightly peppery so you don’t end up with a toast that’s tasting bland (dull, plain, flavorless). 

  • Don’t use seasoning cubes as this is unnecessary and toast will end up getting salty. Leave out other seasoning and spices as you want the toast simple, delicious and most importantly healthy. 

  • You can make the egg batter a night prior to D-Day. This makes it easier for you to quickly make the breakfast early. Just cover the bowl with a cling film/plastic wrap and keep in the fridge. If you keep it in the freezer, allow it thaw to room temperature before using. 

  • Cook on low heat. The whole cooking process took me 5 minutes. Your cooking time shouldn’t be more than 7 minutes at most. Cooking on low heat makes all the veggies and cheese cook nicely. 

  • This toast is best eaten slightly warm and great for your kid’s lunch box too! 
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See step-by-step video here: Quick and Easy Toast


  • Wash, dice, and strain all veggies, set aside.


  • Get your slightly freezed bread slices, cut out the brown edges and set both brown and white parts aside. 

  • If using sardine, pour into a small bowl and smash it with the aid of a spoon, set aside. (IF using minces meat or chicken, season it to taste, and saute in little oil till it’s well cooked before adding to the batter) 

  • In a large bowl, break in your eggs, add your sardine/corn beef/minced sausage/minced meat. 

  • Next add milk, add your veggies.  (IF using fried diced plantain, add it now). 

  • Next add your salt, black pepper, and chili pepper to taste. Make sure your batter is slightly peppery. 

  • Whisk all well, set aside. 

  • Heat up a skillet/pan on low heat, add little chunks of butter/margarine, smear it across skillet, then place two brown edges of bread in it. 

  • Pour your batter into a jug, so it’s easier to pour into bread. 

  • Next pour batter into bread nicely. Then add your burger cheese slice, add little batter, then place the white bread part on it. Press the bread slightly with a crank spatula. 

  • Allow the bread toast for 2-3 minutes. Then flip bread to the other side. And cover the pan with a lid (Covering it creates steam which cooks the sauce in the bread well and which inturn creates a juicy toast). Allow the bread toast for 2 minutes. 

  • Remove toast from pan. Repeat process of greasing pan and toasting bread for the rest 4 slices. 

Enjoy toast while slightly warm! 

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