One of my favorite lunch during my four-year degree programme in Babcock was Saturday’s Lunch. It comprises of jollof rice with tofu, fruit juice, and coleslaw. My favorite was coleslaw! Although we were allocated with small portions, I usually looked forward to it. So you can understand my happiness when I was able to hack the recipe 😀. And not just that, I was able to create a healthier traditional version of the recipe. 



So what’s Coleslaw?

Coleslaw is generally eaten as a side dish with foods such as fried chicken and barbecued meats and may be accompanied by french fries (Check out my RESTAURANT-STYLED FRENCH FRIES ). You can also serve it alongside your rice dishes, small chops/finger foods. It also may be used as a sandwich ingredient, being placed on barbecue sandwiches, hamburgers (see my PERFECT CHICKEN HAMBURGER ), and hot dogs along with chili and hot mustard.
The cabbage may come in finely minced pieces, shredded strips, or small squares.

Is Coleslaw same as Salad?

Coleslaw is a type of salad. In other words it’s under the family of salad but it’s different from salad.
A salad can contain various items like lettuce, carrots, celery, cucumbers and usually a dressing such as thousand island or ranch. Coleslaw can actually contain the carrots, celery, and even cucumbers but instead of lettuce it contains cabbage.  Salads can contain cabbage but usually not very much like in Coleslaw.
Traditionally, coleslaw usually contains  90% of cabbage which can be finely minced, shredded or cut in small squares;  5% of carrots; 5% of onion.

Substitutes to some of the items used:

  • I make my coleslaw sauce with mayonnaise. This can be substituted with Yoghurt [Plain regular or Greek yogurt with fat content of 3.5% and higher (whole or full fat)]. Do not use low fat yoghurt.
  • You can add Honey to your sauce about 2 tablespoons.
  • For Vinegar: Any vinegar  will work – white,  apple cider vinegar.
  • I love adding lemon juice to my coleslaw. Lime is another substitute.  A touch of lemon or lime juice adds more acid and flavour. You can replace it with more vinegar.
  • I used Milk and Buttermilk in my recipe. The milk I used is a full fat milk. If using yoghurt, DON’T USE MILK AND BUTTERMILK.
  • Buttermilk just like the lemon and vinegar gives the coleslaw extra flavor and tangy taste. You can substitute with sour cream
  • Black pepper can be substituted with white pepper but DON’T SKIP either of them!
  • Salt: Use Kosher salt. Salt balances the sweetness of the coleslaw.

Can you make the sauce ahead of time?

Yes! The sauce can be made and refrigerated till when you need it. I usually make mine ahead of time and store in an airtight container, refrigerate and use when needed.
Let me say this. For best result refrigerate your coleslaw for at least 2 hours before serving. Trust me on this. YOU WILL LOVE IT! I usually leave mine overnight. (It’s perfect if you have all the time!).

Who can take coleslaw?

It’s suitable for the whole family. As long as you’re not allergic to any of the items used, then it’s suitable for you.

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To make:

  1. Wash all vegetables, pat them with a kitchen towel to remove excess water and set aside.
  2. Thinly slice your cabbage into stripes , then dice it to a rice grain shape. Repeat same for your onion and carrots.
  3. Mix all minced veggies together in a bowl with a wooden spoon or spatula and set aside.
  4. Next to your sauce. In a medium bowl, add sugar, mayonnaise, buttermilk, milk, lemon, vinegar, black pepper, salt. Whisk all together with a balloon whisk and set aside. If not using immediately, keep refrigerated till when needed.
  5. Next your mixed veggies, add your sauce little by little till it’s very creamy.
  6. Cover bowl with a plastic wrap OR cling film and refrigerate for at least 2 hours or overnight for perfect result. Stir then serve.

Serve chilled! Enjoy!

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