No-Fail Simple Sugar Glaze Recipe

No-Fail Simple Sugar Glaze Recipe

This is that perfect no fail Simple Sugar Glaze Recipe that can be made into different variants and customised into different flavours.

Yeah it’s Tuesday where I share my BAKING TIPS  and for this season of sharing this is my “Merry Christmas” gift to you dearest Pastry Chef and Adventurous Baker!

This simple glaze recipe is perfect for your Donuts, Cinnamon Rolls, and whatever pastry you want to glaze. There’s absolutely no limitations to my fool proof glaze recipe.

  • Simple Sugar Glaze recipe
  • Simple Sugar Glaze recipe
  • Simple Sugar Glaze recipe
  • Simple Sugar Glaze recipe


  1. For Strawberry sugar glaze, you can use pink colour and strawberry flavor OR USE strawberry flavoured yoghurt in place of the milk and use pink food colouring
  2. For Chocolate glaze, add chocolate flavour and 1tsp of Cocoa Powder to the base recipe.
  3. For Oreos sugar glaze , add 2tsp of roughly crushed oreos/cookies of your choice.
  4. for Lotus Biscoff sugar glaze, 1tsp of lotus biscoff spread and 1tsp of lotus biscoff roughly crushed biscuit. If you have just one of either of this, use 2tsp of it. That is, of you have only the spread, use 2tsp

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