If you love anything confectioneries, I bet you will love my blog!

Hello Adventurous Baker,
I am Sussan, with a double ‘s’. I am a passionate Pastry chef, a Cake Artist, and a Mom.

Facts about me.

Sussan Apeh
Sussan Apeh
  • I am the CED (Creative Executive Director) of Sussy’s Cakes (my page dedicated to all the treats I create), Sussydonuts , Sussy’s Instant Surprises and Sussy’s Cakes Recipes (that birthed my recipe blog.
  • I started taking officially in 2012 and took it up professionally in 2016 after the birth of my son.
  • I studied Business Administration from Babcock University.
  • I aso create contents on YouTube, Pinterest, and Patreon.
  • I am proudly African, and precisely a Nigerian. I was born in Kogi state. I grew up and spent a larger years of my life in Lagos and still live there (another state in Nigeria).
  • I have a Bachelor’s in Science in Business Administration.
  • I love the colour black. I’m an introvert. I love reading a lot and singing.
  • I started this blog in late 2020 because I couldn’t imagine doing anything else with as much passion.
  • I’m a trained Baker, Sugar Artist, and Pastry Chef.
  • I’m scared of large waters and heights. No, you won’t find me swimming, or on a roller coaster, and I even find it hard using the lift 😂😂.
  • I love confectioneries. Cakes, Pastries, Dessert, just name it!
  • I have trained over a thousand of participants on both my on-site classes and online classes that runs 24/7 only on Telegram
  • I also help businesses and brands in Nigeria register there brand legally with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC).
  • I have a Website where you can order any of my signature treats or book my event services and have it delivered or executed for those in Nigeria.

My Blog

Here are five reasons I think you’ll love my blog, whether you’re a seasoned chef, professional sugar artist, baker, pastry chef, or just starting out.

Cookies and Cream Cakes (Oreos Cake)
Cookies and Cream Cake
  1. Foolproof Great recipes. It’s a confectionery blog, so naturally you’re going to find recipes here. But I only share the recipes I really, truly love and that would yield perfect result at all times. You won’t find anything here that I’ve never made before or would never make again. Every recipe I post has my stamp of approval—if I wouldn’t eat it or serve it, you won’t find it here.
  2. Step-by-step instructions with photos. When I first started baking, I was unsure about so many things: How to properly measure out items; correct baking pan size; how the outcome of a baked treat should look. What should this look like halfway through the recipe when it looks NOTHING like the final photo? When I created this blog, my goal was to take away some of that uncertainty by including tons of photos to bring each step of the recipe to life.
  3. Helpful tips and techniques. I love learning any skill that helps me get the job done faster, easier or with a better result. That’s why I created a page of nothing but useful tips and techniques. And that’s also why most of my cake recipes uses the famous ‘all-in-one’ or ‘one-bowl’ method.
  4. Standards. Baking like I usually say is science. Everything that goes into your mixing bowl no matter how little has to be weighted. I don’t support guess work. Hence, I uphold the standard of baking. Be rest assured you will always keep coming back for my foolproof recipes.
  5. Fun! Baking and fun come together in this blog because everything about confectionery should be fun: eating it, and making it. That’s the ‘art’ aspect of baking.
  6. Healthy recipes. I’m a big fan of creating healthy treats. I’m very much concerned not only about the appearance of my finished treat but also with what goes in it. That is why I WILL NEVER add preservatives or emulsifier to them. And that principle is what I will be sharing hpere.
  7. Access to me. I want to assure you that you can always leave your feedback here on the blog or directly in the comment section on my Youtube channel and I will definitely respond to you. Got questions, Criticism, Suggestions, Inquiries? I will be here to tend to you.

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Thank you so much for visiting Sussy’s Cakes Recipes. I hope you stay and look around, and be inspired! 🙂

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