Proven ways to keep your Cakes Moist to the last bite in 2024!

The harmattan season is upon us. Cakes tends to dry out faster. Here are Sussy’s Cakes proven ways to keep your cakes moist to the last bite

Proven ways to keep your cakes moist to the last bite in 2024
  1. Steam bake. This prevents your cakes from drying out while baking especially sponge cakes. You can do this in two ways.
    One way is to cover your baking pans with foil all through 90% of the baking process. Then once cake is 90% baked, remove the foil to complete baking.
    • The other method is to place water in a Pan close to the source of your ovens heat and allow the steam slow down the heat from your oven.
    • Please note that steam baking takes time.
  2. Introduce a simple or flavoured syrup to your baked cakes. This is one of Sussy’s Cakes trusted methods.
    After baking, simply allow cake cool completely. Then when decorating drizzle or spray a simple or flavoured sugar syrup on your cake layers. This gives you a moist cake to the last bite
  3. Avoid freezing cake layers this season. You can refrigerate them after wrapping well instead of freezing
  4. Introduce milk into your sponge cakes. Milk keeps cakes moist.
    • Please note that cakes with added milk content has a reduced shelf life
  5. Do more of oil-based recipes or a mixture of both oil and butter based recipes. Oil-based recipes keeps cakes moist to the last bite.
    • We have a video of that on the YouTube channel too
  6. Wrap your cake layers with cling film after it’s completely cooled or during idle moments. Idle moments are times when you’re doing one or two things other than decorating the cake. It could be you looking for a cake tool, mixing together frosting, kneading fondant, etc

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