I have been craving for popcorn for the past 1 month and I have been looking for the perfect opportunity to make them. And YES, I found Mother’s Day today as the perfect timing. 

Popcorn recipe, Homemade Popcorn

Have you ever made popcorn at home and you ended up with burnt kernels, or kennels that just refused to obey the law of popping? This was my situation years back till I hacked a method for POPPING THOSE KERNELS PERFECTLY all the time! 

So what’s  the secret?  We will get there in a jiffy and I assure you, you won’t ever buy popcorn from the store again! 

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Popcorn at home better than store bought.

See step-by-step Video here: PERFECT POPCORN RECIPE


  • Heat up a large pot or saucepan on very high heat. Once saucepan is preheated, add in oil and move your pan around so oil spread all over the bottom of your pan. 

  • Next add in popcorn kernels and move your pot around again so kernels are evenly spread. Then cover the saucepan with its lid and turn off the heat of your cooking gas.  THIS IS THE SECRET TO MY PERFECTLY POPPED POPCORN!  

  • Leave it this way for 30seconds. Then turn on the heat of your cooking gas again to medium, and start shaking your saucepan at intervals till your kernels are popped. Shaking your saucepan at intervals allows all kernels to pop well.

  • Then turn off the heat of your stove, and leave the saucepan that way for about 30-40 seconds. DO NOT REMOVE THE LID OF THE SAUCEPAN. You will keep hearing the sounds of some kernels popping. This produces popcorn that are crispy. 

  • Once no more sounds is heard coming from the saucepan, remove from heat and pour your perfectly popped popcorn into a bowl.

  • Now to the flavoring. To make the CARAMEL SAUCE, place a pan on medium heat, add your sugar and stir occasionally till sugar is melted. Reduce stove’s heat to low and keep cooking and stirring the sugar till the colour changes to amber colour. Next add your salted butter, stir well till butter is melted. Then add the milk. You will notice some bubbles, be careful so you don’t have the hot syrup spilling on you. Stir syrup well and keep cooking till you get the desired Amber colour if your choice. 

  • Turn off heat, and add half of your popcorn into the Caramel sauce, stir well to combine, pour into a serving bowl or popcorn box, and serve your CARAMEL POPCORN!
Homemade Caramel Popcorn

  • For a BUTTER FLAVORED POPCORN, melt your unsalted butter, pour it over your remaining half popcorn. Butter serves as a binder,binding all spices together and making them stick to your popcorn. Then add salt to taste, and sugar to taste. I USUALLY ADD A LITTLE AT A TIME,STIR,TASTE IT, AND ADD AGAIN IF THE NEED BE. You don’t want to add too much and end up spoiling the flavor of your popcorn. So a little at a time does the trick! Stir your popcorn well, and serve!
Butter Flavored Popcorn. Homemade Butter popcorn


  1. HONEY FLAVORED POPCORN: Replace sugar with honey for the butter flavored popcorn and continue with the recipe.
  2. SPICY POPCORN: Melted Butter, Garlic powder (⅛ tsp), Chili Pepper (to taste), Sweet Paparika (½ tsp), Garam Masala ½ tsp, Salt (to taste). 
  3. BBQ POPCORN: Melted Butter, BBQ spice (to taste). 
  4.  TUMERIC POPCORN: Melted Butter, Salt (to taste),  1 tsp Tumeric
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Sisi suliyat
2 years ago

So yummy mummy sussy

Sussy's Cakes
2 years ago

Thanks a lot, really appreciate