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 The food I simply love the most is toast, it’s toast, it’s toast, it’s toast! 😀  And this quick, yet healthy and delicious toast will also be your favorite! It’s suitable for the whole family and a PERFECT breakfast recipe! 

The making of this recipe is in 3 simple steps: PREP-MIX-TOAST. I must confess that PREP might be a little bit stressful. It consist of washing all your veggies (bell peppers, carrot, onion, spring onion)and chopping them into cubes. You can buy pre-cut veggies from malls but if like me, you prefer always making recipes from scratch, then be my guest and chop those veggies nicely! 

The second stage is mixing, which is just pouring all items except bread, cheese, and butter into a mixing bowl and whisk. Not hard right? 

And finally toast. Toasting could be done in a grill pan (my favorite) or in your regular pan. And let the aroma of this delicious toast fill your kitchen! 


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See step-by-step video here: Quick and Easy Toast



Enjoy toast while slightly warm! 

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