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Best method of storing leftover Donuts!

Best method of storing leftover Donuts!

So you bought a box of Donut from your favorite vendor or brand OR you made them yourself either using my RING DONUT Recipe or FILLED DONUT recipe; or you used your recipe, but you’re faced with a new challenge of how to preserve the Read More

Use Brown Sugar instead!

Brown sugars are most commonly used in cakes to add volume, as well as colour and flavour. The style of cake each brown sugar should be used in, however, hugely varies. Brown sugar could be light or dark in colour. I have a post dedicated Read More

Why you should never knead a Pastry Dough

Kneading or over handling Pastry dough will activate the development of gluten which will in turn toughen the pastry.Your pastry will shrink when baking and the end product will be chewy.This is one reason why you should avoid using a stand mixer when working with Read More

The importance of Chilling Pie dough

The gluten strands in pie dough is given enough time to relax when chilled. Apart from chilling the ingredients and the dough after mixing, it’s important to also chill at intervals when rolling. Chilling hardens the fat in the dough and helps the crust maintain Read More


Whether with jam, or drizzled with any SYRUP of your choice, topped with butter, or accompanied with your favorite fruit, you will agree with me that these babies are not only delicious, but also very simple to make. On this week’s episode of my fool Read More


Hey lovelies, there comes a time in our lives when we just crave to eat healthily. We get so concerned about our health and sometimes even get worked up calculating the calories we place into our mouth. I have been there. So while drafting my Read More

MAKING CUPCAKES WITH MY SON | Live demonstration of my 5-minutes Redvelvet Cupcake Recipe

I am doing something different this week from my recipe sharing norm. I am making my favorite 5-minutes Redvelevet Cupcake with my 6 years old son and we are decorating it too using my MOST STABLE WHIPPED CREAM RECIPE that doesn’t require cold bowls, gelatin, Read More


In the last two weeks, I have been sharing my SIMPLEST COOKIES RECIPES with items already in your kitchen or bakery. This week’s recipe is also another follow-up on the Cookies spree. You know the kids are back to school and you would want to Read More

3 INGREDIENTS EGGLESS SUGAR COOKIES RECIPE | The Best Eggless Sugar Cookies Recipe Ever!

It’s a public holiday here in Nigeria. And the norms for such holidays is usually a full house, with kids looking for something to snack on always and with parents seeking for more ways to keep them busy and make them productive. It’s also an Read More

CHOCOLATE SYRUP IN 10 MINUTES | Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup

My rich, dark chocolate syrup is better than Hershey’s no cap! With just few ingredients and 10 minutes, you’ll have your own homemade chocolate syrup. It takes milkshakes, cold and frozen desserts, smoothies, donuts, cinnamon rolls, coffee, to an executive level! And the beautiful part Read More