Okay this is a test run and officially our first recipe video on YouTube! I look forward to your reviews as this will help me improve on the output of the videos. Now this puff puff is very simple to make and it’s a variation to the popular African puff puff. It’s also a loved street food that’s best served hot! The ingredients are very simple and can be gotten in our regular market, cake stalls, malls, etc. YOU DON’T NEED ANY SPECIAL TOOL OR BAKING KNOWLEDGE! Just follow the recipes and watch the step by step video, and I assure you, you will get a PERFECT RESULT!

See step-by-step video here 👇

To Make:

  • If using fresh coconut, break and remove the shell. Wash the meat, cut in smaller pieces so it can blend easily. Dry-blend it. Do not add water when blending. 
  • After blending, soak with 250ml of hot water for 20 minutes. Then strain out the meat from the milk with a strainer or sieve and allow the coconut milk and meat cool completely before continuing.

# If using coconut milk or any other kind of liquid milk with dessicated coconut, make sure the milk is very cold but not frozen and continue with your recipe.

  • Now to the dry ingredients. In a large bowl, add flour, yeast, sugar, salt, cinnamon and egg if using.

# When adding salt and/or yeast, make sure you are not adding them both together at the same portion of your bowl. It’s either you add salt, mix it with other dry ingredients first, then add yeast, vice-versa. Or you add them to different portions of the bowl before mixing. This is added this way because salt kills yeast.

  •  Mix all well to combine. Next, start adding your milk/water little by little till you get a batter consistency that’s not too thin or thick.

# If your batter is too thin, you will end up with a flat puff puff soaked with oil. 

  • Cover your batter and allow to proof or double in size for 45minutes.
  • Now add your coconut meat and mix well to combine.

# If using dessicated coconut, you can add it to the dry items when mixing or just add it after the batter has proven.

  • Once proven, preheat vegetable oil on medium heat. Scoop batter and place into your preheated oil. Allow to fry till golden brown.
  • Scoop the puff puff with a frying spoon into a strainer or basket with layers of paper towel so it drains out excess oil. And enjoy!

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