There are majorly two ways to make your samosa/spring roll jackets/skins. It could either be the BATTER method (which is the one we made today); or the DOUGH method. I have successfully worked with both methods overtime and I find it hard choosing which one is my favorite. So what else can you do with these jackets apart from making spring rolls and samosas? I WILL LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU!


It is believed that spring rolls originated from China, while Samosa was birthed in Central Asia and the Middle East. To make a perfect Samosa or Spring roll, you have to first master how to prepare the jackets. This is where a lot of people gets stucked either with wrong recipes which yields wrong jackets; or wrong heat level which also spoils the jackets. So here is a NO FAIL recipe. You don’t need a samosa maker/machine. It’s very simple to make. Just follow the step by step video and you will be a boss at making your jackets!



See step-by-step video here 👇
# To measure your items, you could either use a Digital scale to get accurate measurement OR a standard measuring cup and your normal eating spoon. UTENSILS: Non-stick pan Large brush/Pastry brush/Silicone brush Scale/Measuring cup and eating table spoon Tea towel Ziplock bag # RECIPE YIELDS= 8 jackets that are 8cm wide To make:
To Make:

  • In a mixing bowl, add all dry items (flour, cornflour, salt and sugar). Mix all well to combine.
  • Create a hole in the middle of your dry items, and add oil. Then add water little by little and mix thoroughly till you get a thin consistency that should be able to still coat the back of your spoon. Your batter should not have lumps. Allow batter rest for 10 minutes before continuing.

# Your batter must not be thick. Different flour types absorbs liquid/water differently. So you have to add water little by little till you get the thin consistency as seen in the video. I used all my liquid. You might use all or less.

  • Next, place your non-stick pan on low heat.

# You can use your regular pan but you must first brush it with oil once it’s hot before applying your batter.

  • With the aid of your pastry brush, apply the batter to your pan, making sure to coat the pan well. You don’t want your skin having spaces. So coat well.

# Do not be tempted to increase the flames of your stove/gas. You have to be patient for the jacket to cook well. Once cooked, your jacket will peel by itself from the sides of the pan and the colour will change from white to off-white. Your jacket should not be cooked too dry. It should still retain a moist texture. You have to strike a balance between moist and dry texture. # If jacket is cooked too dry, it will break when you add your fillings/sauce and about to fold. If batter is too moist, it will tear when adding your fillings.

  • Once jacket is cooked, flip it over to the other side so the top is cooked for just 2-5 seconds.
  • Remove jacket from pan, place on a tray, repeat procedure till batter is exhausted. To stack jackets/place them on one another, sprinkle little flour inbetween.

# While preparing other jackets, make your tea towel slightly damp, NOT WET, just slightly damp and cover the already made jackets to retain their moisture and prevent it from drying out. # Once jackets are cooled, you can use it immediately or wrap well in a ziplock bag and refrigerate for 2 weeks or freeze for up to 3 months. If frozen, when about to use, bring out of freezer, and while it is still inside the ziplock bag, allow to thaw or come to room temperature completely before removing the jackets from the ziplock bag.


# Jacket is tearing: Jacket is too moist and undercooked.

# Jacket is breaking: Jacket is too dry and overcooked.

# Batter is not coating spoon/pan: Batter is too thin. You added excess water. To rectify add 1 tbsp of flour and 1tsp of cornflour/cornstarch at a time, mix till you get the right thin consistency.

# Batter cooks fast once applied to pan: Heat level is much. Cook on low heat OR remove pan from heat for a few seconds, and apply your batter then return pan to heat.

# Jackets are sticking to each other: Sprinkle with corn flour.

# Jackets are not smooth : Your batter had lumps.

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