Best method of storing leftover Donuts!

Best method of storing leftover Donuts!

Let me ask you what’s your method for storing Donuts?

So you bought a box of Donut from your favorite vendor or brand OR you made them yourself either using my RING DONUT Recipe or FILLED DONUT recipe; or you used your recipe, but you’re faced with a new challenge of how to preserve the remnants and still have same warm, soft texture when you bite into it like freshly made donuts?

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Well that’s where I bring you good news! Taking the first scenario into consideration, you already have remnants. Simply get a ziplock bag, place them into it, making sure you release all the air from the bag. Then keep in the Fridge for up to 5 days!

While if you want to keep them longer, simply wrap those donuts individually with a parchment paper, or a brown paper, then place them in an airtight plastic container. Make sure you wrap each well separately. This can be frozen for up to 5 month!

Let’s then move to how to make them fresh just like freshly made donuts. You will need either a microwave or an air fryer. These two kitchen equipment are the best methods. Don’t try to use an oven, it won’t give you 100% great result. (Using an oven will dry up the donuts. Yes, they will be warm but not soft).

So if frozen, allow the donuts thaw in the fridge overnight. Then place them in a microwaveable plate and heat for for at least 3 minutes. It shouldn’t be less than that. While If you stored in the fridge, just microwave them using same time frame. Same rule applies to when you use an air fryer, only that you don’t need to place the donuts into any plate.

Remember to remove the donuts from the ziplock bag or parchment paper first before heating up!

And there you have it! Your restored freshly made Doughnuts!

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