We will be going back to the basic of making perfect ring doughnuts that are fluffy, soft, and yet crispy with simple items you can always get in stalls near you! If you are planning on going into commercial snacks production, then this NO-FAIL doughnut recipe is perfect for you!

# RECIPE YIELDS = 10 doughnuts where each weighs 84g; OR 8 extra large doughnuts where each weighs 105g

See step-by-step video here 👇

To Make:

  • In your mixing bowl, add flour, powdered milk, yeast, nutmeg, and salt to another portion of the bowl.

# Always remember, salt and yeast should not be placed at the same portion of your mixing bowl or on each other as salt kills yeast.

  • Mix all well to combine; create a hole in the middle of your dry items, add your egg, add water and mix to form a rough dough.

# If using a standing mixer, use the hook attachment. # During cold seasons use luke warm water (very mild warm water that won’t hurt your finger when you touch it); while during hot seasons use cold water or normal tap water.

  • Transfer dough to your work surface, add butter and mix to till butter is incorporated into the dough, this takes about 2 minutes. Next, start slamming the dough against your work surface till dough transforms into a smooth, elastic, non-sticky texture. This takes 15 minutes if kneading by hand OR 10 minutes if kneading with a mixer.

  • Transfer dough to your bowl and leave for 5 minutes to enable you prepare your parchment paper. This is not meant to prove it. Alternatively, you can prepare the parchment paper before you start the whole doughnuts making process.

# You can also use brown paper too in place of parchment paper. Brown papers can’t be gotten from those who sell tailoring tools or bookshop.

  • Cut parchment paper into squares (5×5cm). Place them on a baking tray and GREASE them with oil or melted butter. This is to prevent the dough from sticking to the parchment paper while proofing.

  • Grease your work surface slightly with oil, transfer your dough to it, grease your hands too. Roll out dough to a log shape and cut into 10 equal parts or into 8 parts if you want an extra large doughnut.

# Alternatively you can weigh them to be 84g each if making 10 doughnuts or 105g each if making extra large doughnuts.

  • Form each dough into a tight ball, making sure to seal the base well. Place them on the greased parchment paper. Slightly flatten the top of the doughs and brush with melted butter.

# The melted butter allow the doughnuts retain moisture even while proofing.

  • Next proof in the warmest part of your kitchen or bakery for 30minutes.

# Your proofing time should not be more than 30 minutes or you will end up having a not too puffy doughnut.

  • After they are well proven, create a hole in the middle of the doughs with either your index finger or a chop stick. Depending on how large you want the holes to be, you can expand the holes with your two index fingers. Then fry in a deep oil @170°C.

# If you don’t have a thermometer, just make sure to fry on low-medium heat. The oil should only produce little bubbles. Also when placing the doughnuts into the Pan, the parts with the parchment paper should face up.

  • Once a part is properly fried, flip doughnuts to the other sides to get fried too. Remove fried doughnuts from heat, transfer to an oven rack to strain out excess oil and then to a paper towel to cool completely.

# When adding the next batch of doughs into the Pan, make sure you turn off your cooking gas, ‘cos at each stage, the oil becomes too hot for the next batch and your doughnuts fry too quickly.

  • Once doughnuts are completely cooled, coat some with sugar; glaze others and decorate to your taste or eat plain!

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Good morning ma'am Susan. ..I'm a great lover from Facebook and I never knewe you had a website until I stumbled upon it from this doughnut post…I always thought it's just YouTube. ..I'm so excited and can't wait to explore this space. ..keep up the good work. u❤❤

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