Use Brown Sugar instead!

Use Brown Sugar instead!

Brown sugars are most commonly used in cakes to add volume, as well as colour and flavour. The style of cake each brown sugar should be used in, however, hugely varies. Brown sugar could be light or dark in colour. I have a post dedicated to making your own BROWN SUGAR at home.

For chocolate cakes, traditional fruit cake recipes, quick fruit cake recipes, and puddings, I prefer using dark brown sugar. Apart from it deep dark color, brown sugar in these recipes create a more richer taste and add extra moisture. Brown sugar are also perfect for wheat bread, fruit bread, chocolate bread.

You may also want to consider using dark brown sugar for biscuits. Due to its stronger flavour profile, it is better suited to ‘heavy duty’ biscuits. If making any type of biscuit ( e.g ginger nuts, gingerbread or ginger snap cookies) that involves ginger, dark brown sugar complements best.

Another perfect use of brown sugar is in Sauces. You read that right! Light brown sugar is the perfect ingredient for the sweet sauces that go with desserts. It adds colour while the sucrose content (sweetness) develops the mellow flavour of toffee, fudge, caramel and butterscotch sauces. Dark brown sugar can be used to add a richer flavour to these sauces too, depending on how the sauce needs to taste.

Dark soft brown sugar is more suited to stronger tasting sauces like brandy sauce, or in savoury sauces such as a spicy barbecue sauce. In the same way it complements fruit cakes, dark brown sugar is very effective when used in dark and sticky fruit chutneys.
These are just few out of the many recipes that requires brown sugar!

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