Homemade Brown Sugar | Light Brown Sugar OR Dark Brown Sugar

Homemade Brown Sugar | Light Brown Sugar OR Dark Brown Sugar

 In the next couple of weeks, I will be treating SUGAR. I will be writing on things you probably didn’t know about sugar, starting off with a simple homemade brown sugar recipe. This to me, is one baking item I CAN NEVER BUY AT THE MALL. Why?  ‘Cos it’s very simple to make. It’s also a basic knowledge every Baker should have. 

Light Brown Sugar, Dark Brown Sugar

Brown and white sugar are the two most common varieties of sugar. Although they are produced differently, resulting in distinct tastes, colors, and culinary uses, brown sugar is often simply processed white sugar with molasses. The amount of molasses added to the white sugar determines what type5 of brown sugar is produced (light or dark brown sugar). 

Brown sugar serves many purpose especially to bakers and culinary chefs. It is used as a Sweetener which provides a slight caramel taste to your baked goods. I love making chocolate cakes and traditional fruit cakes with dark brown sugar. Not just because of the dark colours I get from the use of brown sugar, but also ‘cos of the distinct flavor and extra moistness it gives that you can’t get when using white sugar. It is also commonly used as toppings over desserts such as puddings. For culinary chefs,  brown sugar provides a flavor balance to Sauces like Barbeque sauce. Brown sugar can also be used as dressings for Salads. For cookies, brown sugar creates a tender and chewy texture. 

Brown sugar must be kept in an airtight container (I use mason jars) in order to retain its moisture. If exposed to air, it may harden as the moisture slowly evaporates out. To prevent this, always add a slice of fresh bread, or an apple slice in the jar before sealing with its lid. If properly sealed and stored, your brown sugar is capable of maintaining its texture for up to 2years and even more! 

Making brown sugar at the comfort of your home requires only two items.  Your White sugar, and Molasses or Black treacle. Both Black treacle and Molasses are by products of the sugar refining process and can be used interchangeably. It is important to note that they are quite different. 

Molasses has a strong, bittersweet flavour and dark appearance. Black treacle has a distinctively strong, slightly bitter flavour, but a richer colour than golden syrup. 

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Easy Brown sugar recipe, Brown sugar uses

See step-by-step video here :


  • Add sugar to a medium bowl, add black treacle stir well with either your fingers or a spatula. 

  • Make sure the black treacle is well mixed into the sugar and there are no traces. 

  • Next pour into sterilized mason jars or in an airtight. Add your bread slice or apple slice. Cover jar with its lid and viola, your brown sugar is ready! 


Brown Sugar uses

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