Have you ever wanted so badly to make burger and couldn’t continue with your plans ‘cos the malls around you were out of hamburger buns? Well, I have been there. Severally. It’s frustrating. And then you have to change plans and make something else. You also have to look for a convincing story to tell the kids so they can take their mind off burger 😀.
Another scenario is when you are bent on making homemade burger buns and you’re met with a recipe that contains items that are not easily accessible to you. And then you decide to give up on the whole idea. 😀


Help is finally here! Not only is this burger buns recipe very simple, but all items used are things you can get from your regular stall! Moreso, these burger buns are so soft and it will be the best burger buns you have ever tasted, I promise.
So let’s get started right away.
Hamburger buns are round risen breads designed to hold hamburger patties and toppings.

Quick tips for making these perfect soft buns.

  • All items should be at room temperature. Not cold, or hot.
  • I used ordinary clean tap water to mix the dough. Not lukewarm.
  • Proof the dough twice. First after kneading and secondly after apportioning them.
  • I kneaded with my hand for 10 minutes using the slamming method I used in my Dinner Rolls recipe, Chinese Sausage Bread RecipeRing Doughnuts Recipe, and Filled Doughnuts Recipe. You can also use a stand mixer to knead for 7 minutes using the dough/hook attachment.
  • Dough must remain soft all through the process. Do not be tempted to add extra flour.
  • My homemade burger buns recipe yielded 6 large buns where each weighed 127g. For a medium buns, cut your dough into 8 equal sizes or 10 equal sizes for a smaller buns.
  • Buns can be frozen for up to 3 months. To freeze wrap each of the buns well with foil then keep them in a ziplock bag and wrap bag again with another foil. Label it and freeze till when needed.
  • To thaw remove bag from freezer. Do not unwrap it. Allow the buns return completely to room temperature while still wrapped.
  • Preheat your oven 20 minutes to the end of the second proofing time. This is very important as bread doughs needs very hot oven.
  • If you’re allergic to sesame seeds, feel free to omit them. Your buns will still look great!
  • You can also mix the dough, apportion them and bake at another time. If you are interested in learning more about YEAST RAISED DOUGHS, then sign up for my complete online PASTRY COURSE by chatting with me using any of the social media links. If you are in Lagos, Nigeria and needs an on sight class, feel free to chat me up too. All my classes are very affordable. 

To Make:

  1. In a mixing bowl, add milk, water, sugar and yeast and whisk just to combine.
  2. Next add egg, oil and salt, and whisk to break down egg and combine.
  3. Next add flour gradually, mixing between each batch till you exhaust the flour.
  4. Transfer dough to your work surface, and slightly grease your work surface and the dough with 1 tsp of oil. Now knead by slamming the dough against your work surface till dough is stretchy, and non-sticky.
  5. Transfer dough to your slightly greased bowl, flatten the dough and cover the bowl with a plastic wrap and kitchen or tea towel to allow the dough proof for 50 minutes in a warm dry place.
  6. Once proven, slightly punch the dough to remove air. Transfer to your work surface and mould into a log or sausage. Apportion dough into 6 equal parts or weigh them to be 127g each.
  7. Next, shape each dough into a ball. Please see the video for how to shape it. It is very important. Place shaped doughs on a tray lined with parchment paper. Make sure you leave about two inch space between each dough to give room for them to proof properly.
  8. Flatten each dough slightly with your palm. Cover with a tea towel and allow to proof for 40 minutes.
  9.  20 minutes before the end of proofing time, preheat your oven to 380F or 190°C.
  10. Prepare your glaze by mixing together milk and sugar and set aside.
  11. Get your proven buns, slightly brush each with the milk glaze, sprinkle some sesame seeds as toppings on the buns and bake in the middle rack of your oven till top of the buns is golden brown or about 15 minutes. To also know when buns is baked, tap the top of the buns and you will hear a hollow sound. This proofs also that the buns is baked. 
  12. Once baked and while still hot, brush the top of the buns with melted butter or oil to soften the buns.
  13. Transfer buns to a rack to cool completely before preparing your burger or before storing.
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I will also LOVE to see your creations! 

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