How to make EDIBLE FABRIC | 3 Easy Methods

How to make EDIBLE FABRIC | 3 Easy Methods

These edible fabrics or edible clothes or edible sheets are simple to make, durable, and flexible. They can be made using rice papers, wafer papers, or lace mats. In this case, I am using wafer papers and a little lace mat. 

Edible Fabric, Edible Sheets, Edible clothes, Wafer Paper

These edible fabrics can be used to create beautiful cloth effects on your wedding cakes or any fancy cake design you are working on. If stored properly, it will retain it’s soft texture for up to a 5 days. 


  • Get all items measured out and ready before you begin

  • Make sure your gelatin bloom well before heating it up. To bloom simply means allowing gelatin absorb water for few seconds. If gelatin doesn’t doesn’t bloom well, you will end up having fabric that’s not smooth. 

  • Heat up gelatin mixture in a microwave for 30 seconds or in a saucepan with little water. Make sure the water is little and doesn’t spill into the bowl of gelatin mixture. 

  • To keep your gelatin mixture in it’s liquid form all through while working, place your bowl in a bigger bowl of hot water. If you end up having a solidified mixture, just reheat the mixture for few seconds. 

  • When dusting your wafer papers or lace mat with luster dust or petal dust or corn flour, do it generously. This prevents your fabric from sticking to each other or to your fingers. 

  • Use a brush with soft bristle (I used a blush brush) to apply luster or petal dust, or corn flour. 

  • Gelatin mixture can be coloured with any colour of your choice. 

  • When using  lace mat, make sure your mixture coats the lace mat design well and fills all parts so you have a beautiful lace fabric at the end of the day. 

  • You can place your wafer papers on a silicone mat or lamination film (it’s sold at the bookshop) before brushing over your gelatin. 

  • To store your edible fabric, place each in-between two parchment papers then place parchment paper in a ziplock bag and keep in a carton. Alternatively, pour corn flour into a plastic jar with lid and place in your fabric and cover the jar tightly. 

  • Do not expose the fabric to air as this will make it dry out

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Edible Fabric, Edible Sheets, Edible clothes

See Step-by-step Video Here : EDIBLE FABRIC


  • Measure out your gelatin, glycerin, and water. 

  • Pour water into your gelatin, and stir well using a small spoon or offset spatula. 

  • Set aside for 10 seconds for gelatin to bloom. 

  • Next heat gelatin in the microwave for 30 seconds. Or place a saucepan on medium heat, add little water. Then place the gelatin bowl in the saucepan. After 30seconds the gelatin mixture will dissolve. 

  • Remove from heat and add your glycerin and stir well. 

  • Place your wafer papers on your silicon mat or lamination film. Then using a pastry brush, brush your gelatin mixture generously over your wafer paper well. 

  • Next flip the wafer paper and repeat the gelatin application on the second side. 

  • Set aside for 10 minutes for the gelatin to dry. 

  • Now to the 3 methods of getting edible fabric. METHOD 1:  Using Corn Flour : After your wafer paper is dry, apply corn flour generously on the wafer paper using a soft brush and start peeling off. As you peel, simultaneously apply corn flour. Keep doing that till you have peeled the fabric. 

  • METHOD 2: Using Luster or Petal Dust: Once wafer papers are dry, using a soft brush, apply luster or petal dust to your wafer papers while you peel off the fabric simultaneously. Luster dust will give your fabric a shiny look. 

  • METHOD 3: For this method, I made use of lace mat and I also coloured my gelatin mixture into sky blue. I applied my coloured mixture generously to the lace mat, filing the design well. Then I allowed the mixture dry. Next I dusted with corn flour, you can decide to dust with a luster/petal dust similar to the colour used in mixing the mixture (That is if I wanted to use luster dust, I will use a sky blue luster dust to dust the lace fabric while peeling). Then peel and dust simultaneously. 

And there you have your EDIBLE FABRIC! 

3 easy methods for making edible fabric

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