Wafer Paper Feathers | wafer Paper Series

Wafer Paper Feathers | wafer Paper Series

Working with Wafer Papers can be very intimidating at times. Especially when you have a lovely design in your mind but faced with Wafer Papers that are not pliable. On this week’s episode of Wafer Paper Series, I will be covering how to make your Wafer Papers pliable without any special tool or equipment.

Wafer Paper Feathers

In my previous Wafer Paper series, I have covered WAFER PAPER ROSE FLOWER TEMPLATE | Wafer Paper Series , WAFER PAPER BUTTERFLY | Wafer Paper series , and HOME-MADE PERFECT PIPING GEL RECIPE (Vegan) I also have an Ultimate Free Guide that covers all you need to know about working with Wafer Papers which is accessible to you once you join my mailing list.

Wafer Paper Feather supplies


A step-by-step tutorial on how to create edible feather with Wafer papers and how to make wafer paper pliable without any special tools.
Active Time10 minutes
Keyword: Edible wafer paper, Wafer paper feather, Wafer paper series
Author: Sussan Apeh.


  • Pair of Scissors
  • Blush Brush
  • Artistic Paint Brush
  • Wafer Paper Template
  • Florist Wire : 18" or Gauge 18
  • Plier
  • Paper towel
  • Powdered Colour or Luster Dust of your choice


  • 1 Plain Wafer Paper
  • 1TBSP Wafer Paper Glue
  • Boiling hot water


  • See video for Step-by-step instructions


Wafer paper feather for cake decorating

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