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5 MINUTE RED VELVET CUPCAKES | How to make super moist red velvet cupcakes

It’s exactly 2 weeks to Valentine!  And one of those cakes that ‘RULE‘ the day is the RED VELVET CAKE recipe!  And I am going to share my all time favorite, super moist, super fluffy, super buttery RED VELVET CUPCAKE RECIPE! 



I have come across some school of thought who believe that Red Velvet cakes are same as Chocolate cakes. Infact it’s said that it’s just chocolate cakes coloured red. I beg to disagree. WHY?

Red Velvet has an acidic taste that comes from two unique items. The first is BUTTERMILK. This is slightly tangy, and add lots of moisture to the cake, producing a super creamy and moist result. It also activates the baking soda in the recipe. Although some Chocolate recipes calls for buttermilk, it is however very important for red velvet cakes. You can substitute the buttermilk for GREEK YOGHURT, or SOUR CREAM.

The second item is – VINEGAR. Vinegar gives the cake more acidity. It also enhances the food colouring and activates the baking soda. You can use distilled white vinegar like I did or use Apple cider vinegar. If you are out of vinegar, you definitely can make use of LEMON JUICE.

The acidity of these items is balanced out by the sweetness of the cake. A traditional red velvet cake is accompanied by cream cheese frosting. Although I choosed here to use my MOST STABLE WHIPPED CREAM FROSTING.

It is no longer news that cupcakes tends to dry out faster because of their sizes. Hence my all time favorite recipe uses items that produces moist red velvet cupcakes till the last bite!  It’s also a one-bowl recipe, making it my favorite. If you have been following my channel, you will know I LOVE ONE-BOWL RECIPES, ‘cos they are simple, straight to the point, delicious, moist, and most importantly healthy!  Check out my other 5-minute recipes here : Moist Tutti Frutti Cake Recipe , Classic Victoria Sponge Cake, Moist Chocolate Cake recipe.

So let’s get started with PRO TIPS for my Perfect Red Velvet Cupcakes recipe.

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SEE STEP-BY-STEP VIDEO HERE: 5 Minutes Red Velvet Cupcake recipe 

To make:


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